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dsIDXpress lets you embed live real estate data from an MLS directly into any WordPress site. On top of that the HTML that this plugin outputs is semantically correct, streamlined for speed, and Google friendly. With dsIDXpress there are effectively two ways to display listings on your site: Add shortcodes to pages and posts OR create links to searches using the link structure. Both are explained here.

dsIDXpress is a premium plugin from Diverse SolutionsDownload dsIDXpres


Single Listing in dsIDXpress

Shortcode allows you to embed live real estate data from the MLS directly into blog posts or pages. Adding these shortcodes is made easy by using the tools that dsIDXpress adds to the page/post editor that appear as green house icons. Shortcode appears in [brackets] in the post editor and as live MLS data on the published page.

Single Listing 

Add any single property in the MLS to a page/post. To do so first edit the page/post and click the single house icon in the editor toolbar for a prompt to enter an MLS number. When entered the shortcode will appear similar to the shortcode below:

[idx-listing mlsnumber="U8000471"]

Click to view a published Single Listing.

Listing Searches 

Listing Searches let you add many properties from the MLS to a page/post. Click the multi-house icon and enter the quick search criteria for area, price, property type, and display order. When inserted the shortcode will appear similar to the shortcode below:

[idx-listings city="Bellingham" count="10"]

Click to view a published Listing Search.

Link Structure

Link directly to pages of property search results and individual properties using a relatively simple URL structure. Use these simple URL’s throughout your site or send them directly to clients.

The URL structure always starts with /idx/, so if your domain name is yourblog.com, the dsIDXpress “virtual” pages would always start with http://www.yourblog.com/idx/. The example links used in the example below are for BellinghamPowerSearch.com.

Real Estate by City

Pages of real estate by city can be found on any site with dsIDXpress by the using /idx/city/ link structure. For example, the following link displays real estate in the city of Bellingham:


The city Bellingham can be changed to any city in the MLS, like Birch Bay:


If the city name is two words, like Birch Bay, hyphenate the URL.

Real Estate by Community

Similar to cities, pages of real estate by community can be found using the /idx/community/ link structure. For example, the following link displays all Fairhaven community real estate:


Real Estate by Zip

And similar to cities and communities pages of real estate by zip can be found using the /idx/zip/ link structure. For example, the following link displays all real estate in 98225:


Adding Search Parameters

Search Parameters are introduced that allow you create very specific real estate searches within cities, communities, and zip code searches. Parameters can specify property features, price ranges, areas, and others to display real estate data that matches your exact criteria.

Property Features

The link below has an added Property Feature parameter that refines a Bellingham real estate search to only include Property Feature 6023. In this case 6023 is the ID for waterfront property. When added this link will display Bellingham waterfront real estate only.


This link was created by combining the Bellingham city search link and the parameter idx-q-PropertyFeatures=6023 which is appended to the end of the Bellingham city link with a ? mark. Property Feature IDs vary, email support@diversesolutions.com for the property features of your MLS.

By Price

The next link uses two parameters to display a specific price range of real estate. Multiple parameters are used to set a minimum of $350k and maximum price of $400k:


The parameters are appended to the end of the Bellingham city link with a ? mark and then multiple parameters are combined using the & symbol.

Do More

Many more parameters are available on the Link Structure page of the Diverse Solutions’ wiki that extends functionality much beyond what is discussed here. Parameters and be used in any combination with city, community, and zip code searches. dsIDXpress is not available in every MLS, visit their site for a complete list of IDX coverage areas.

Thanks! Questions are welcome please add to the conversation using the discussion box.

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