Content and Inbound Links for SEO

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The two most important concepts in SEO are content and inbound links.  Why are these so important?  Both will give your site relevance in the search engines and search engines use spiders (The search robots that visit every webpage) to scrape your website and properly sort it into their large search database.  In truth the spiders can’t tell a quality blog from a poor one, after all it’s only software.  For our purpose lets focus on the basic concept of content and inbound links.  Predefining your search term for your website is important so you can blog with a purpose.  Social media is the buzzword out there and many are trying to sell the same packaged information on how to get leads with it, but organic search engine traffic has the potential to generate more leads from your site day after day.

Search Terms

Before starting any SEO campaign it’s important to know what your search term(s) are. The Google Keyword Tool is useful to browse potential keywords. Generally, the best keywords will be local and targeted.


Google loves fresh unique content because your website visitors will like consistent useful content.  Since Google uses software to browse and index webpages we want to focus on creating good content with a certain keyword density.  Proper keyword density tells the search spiders what is the most important topic of your blog. Keyword density can be achieved by titling the blog properly and adding keywords throughout the content of the post.

Optimum keyword density ranges from 3% to 9% of the content of the blog

Inbound Links

You website should a variety of inbound links. The link text, also called the Anchor Text, is the visible click-able part of the link and should contain the search term you are going after, that is the important part! For example the link real estate web design has the anchor text “real estate web design” that matches the keyword phrase we are interested in ranking for.

Inbound links can be challenging to obtain but will be extremely important to build authority in the search engines. You can see more at Local Brand Advisor to understand different way inbound links can help you business. Blogging on another site with a link pointing back to your site is optimal, and can be useful for generating additional traffic. For real estate agents ActiveRain is a useful source to add content with a link back to your own site, as are other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Blog comments, link exchanges, and article submission sites can be other useful ways to build inbound links as will writing quality content as others share your content around the web.

Ultimately the competitiveness of the search phrase will determine the needed mix of content and links to achieve top ranking.

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