Google, Bing, or Yahoo!?

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Yesterday, Darin Persinger at Productivity Junkies asked his Facebook network about their search habits. Darin posted “Do you Google, Bing, Yahoo! or Ask?” and within the next few hours received a flurry of answers. Some people mentioned their attempt to use Bing, others we’re reminded Ask was still around, and as of today every single person who responded gave their vote of confidence for Google, including myself.

Google has a huge advantage in the search market, but by how much?

That inspired me to dig into the stats for a quick comparison. With the help of Google Analytics I reviewed the traffic sources of a site on our WTM network that ranks #1 organically for “Seattle real estate” in Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

Combined for September, the top three search engines sent a total of 3,118 visitors to the site from the phrase “Seattle real estate”. Google referred the most traffic, Bing a distant second, and Yahoo! third, the analytics broken down respectively are below.

Google Traffic – 88%

Bing Traffic – 6.8%

Yahoo Traffic – 5.4%

It’s clear that Google drives the lions share of search traffic for this term. The good news is, from our experience optimization is similar across the various search engines meaning that the best strategy is to focus on Google and positive results in Bing, Yahoo!, and others will follow.

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