8 Tips: Online Lead Capture

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Are you using the best methods to connect with visitors?
Your website should be using 3, 4, 5+ ways to capture client information, converting traffic into contacts and ultimately closes. Assuming you are generating some traffic through your site, these are some of the best practices in online real estate lead generation that your competitor is already using.

1. Solid IDX Solution – IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange and is a property search site which allows the public to search the MLS. For every client I have worked with their IDX platform is their #1 lead generating resource. There are quite a few IDX options out there and not every product is available in every city so finding the right solution for the right price may take some time. What I look for besides availability and price is a usable intuitive map search and the ability to integrate the product seemlessly into a site. Back-end options for client management and customizing the look and feel will also vary from platform to platform. Here are a few platforms to explore:

2. Property Request Forms – Not every visitor has the time or desire to browse all the listings and search the map. Some people just want to tell you what they want and have you get back to them with the details; property request forms are great for this. You, or your web guy/gal, should create a simple website form asking for their desired type of property, time frame for purchasing and current state in the buying process along with contact information. Put some links on your site to this “Property Request Form”. You know what types of property area desirable in your area, create multiple similar forms for “Waterfront Property Request Form”, “Condo Request Form”, “Commercial Request Form”, etc.

3. Visible Phone Number and Email on Every Page – This is self-explanatory but I am always surprised when I have to click around to find contact information for an agent on their website. Don’t make it hard for your visitors to contact you. I’m not saying to put your photo on every page, but a phone number and email should be easy to find.

4. Contact Form’s’ – There should be some sort of lead capture on every page. On your content pages make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you about questions or comments. Contact forms (short ones asking for only a name, email, phone and question/comment) can easily be added to your side navigation or at the end of articles.

5. Relocation Packets and Baited Content – Relocation packets, neighborhood resources, in-depth school reports, and useful area information like maps and tourist information area great offers to entice visitors to fill out a contact form.

6. Available Online Agent – We’ve experimented with this in the past with mixed results but it is another avenue to explore. A Google search for “live chat software” brings up a mix of different options that allow your visitors to engage in a live chat or click to call features directly from your site.

7. Newsletter Email Capture – If you are an expert in your area on something it may make sense to begin building your email list for a weekly/monthly newsletter. This can be a great way to reconnect with past visitors and bring them back to your site month after month which can be helpful to increase your site traffic and search rankings. If you are blogging already, the blog posts you are already writing make a good base for your newsletter without the need for much additional content.

8. Social Media Subscriptions – Some visitors to your site may just be browsing content and not in the stage to become a solid lead yet. Give these visitors a way to view your social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, ActiveRain, etc and potentially befriend you, follow you or interact on those platforms. As an added advantage you can also get social signals from companies like serpninja.io as social signals and networks provide a great opportunity to stay connected to and interact with visitors over time.

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